Ordering Contact Lens Replacements

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Why order your contact lenses from us?
  • Convenience  -  Order Online Now      Call us at:  (508)761-6100        Send us an e-mail      or stop by the office ....its quick and easy
  • Less waiting  -  lenses are mailed directly to your house, usually within days
  • Cost  -  we are comparable with online retailers
  • Emergency replacements  -  if you lose a lens and need an emergency replacement,  we usually can get you one quickly
  • Solutions  -  we provide complimentary trials of contact lens solutions at your visits
  • Communications  -  if you do have a problem,  you can call us and talk to a real person
To order
  • sent to your home
  • to your office
  • usually takes 2-3 days
  • Pricing
    • competitive with online retailers
    • we supply you with manufacturers rebates
    • shipping included in price
    • we will make current rebates available to you!
    • we can explain how to use the rebates to your best advantage
    We stock Acuvue Oasys contact lenses!
  • if you need them today
  • most prescriptions in stock
  • Questions?
    If your contact lens prescription is expired
  • evaluating the current health and function of your eyes at specified intervals is a prerequisite to your ongoing success and best-care medical practices
  • we recognize that your time is valuable
  • we will set you up for a convenient appointment so we can update your prescription,  and you can order new lenses,  (the same day,  if we can)
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