Eye exams and eyewear for patients with MassHealth (Mass Health) insurance

We are vision care providers for the MassHealth program

Call us at 508-761-6100 to schedule an appointment.

Please review these important points!

  • Have your MassHealth card available when you call to make your appointment.
  • We can verify what you are covered for.
  • Not all MassHealth plans provide the same services!
We have the MassHealth collection of eyeglass frames.
We will:
  • have you try on and select your eyewear from the MassHealth selection.
  • fill out the necessary paperwork for MassHealth to make the glasses,
  • measure your eyes for alignment with your prescription,
  • order your MassHealth eyewear with your current from the state facility
  • inspect, verify and adjust the eyeglasses when we receive the order back from the MassHealth
  • Typically, it can take 4 - 6 weeks after we send out the order, for us to receive them back from MassHealth.
  • When a prior authorization required, it may take 2 or more additional weeks for the order for the order to be returned.
  • With difficult prescriptions, the order could be delayed significantly more.
  • The MassHealth facility currently processes all of the eyeglass orders for the entire state of Massachusett
  • We have no special influence on the speed of processing the orders.
  • We will be happy to call MassHealth to check on the progress of your eyeglass order.
  • No,  MassHealth will only fabricate eyeglasses from the MassHealth collection.
  • If you have your own frame,  MassHealth does not allow us to send it to them for processing.
  • If you wish to select your own frame from our optical shop,  you will be responsible for paying for the frames and lenses out of your own pocket.
  • There is no reimbursement process.  You either select what they will provide,  or they cover nothing.
  • On the positive side, the updated selections from the MassHealth collection are quite nice!
  • All doctors across the state use the same MassHealth system for processing orders.
  • All doctors across the state are subject to the same rules regarding frames and lenses for MassHealth patients
  • Some exceptions can be made when approved by the state
  • Exceptions can only be made for medically necessary reasons
  • Requests for exceptions require a special review process that will add additional time to your order
  • Requests for exceptions may not be granted, but will still add additional time to your order
People get disappointed when:

  • They do not remember it can take 4 or more weeks to get their MassHealth eyeglasses.
  • They realize a type of lens, or lens enhancement they may have had in the past is not covered
  • They are told they cannot pick any type of frame for their MassHealth eyewear.
If you have any questions about the process please call!

We cannot change the conditions, but we can help you understand them.
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